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Recent updates

This digest summarizes the recent updates to the Koji platform, packages, and developer site. For highlights from earlier updates, see developer-updates.html.

Core package updates

  • The following contexts are deprecated: admin, about, and sticker. Apps can provide admin interfaces by managing roles with Identity.

  • The estimatePoses option is no longer supported for video captures ( Apps can process camera input directly, if needed.

  • Bug fixes

Koji platform updates

  • When you edit an app that has already been published, remix.encryptValue and remix.decryptValue can now read and write values from the app’s keystore.

    This allows apps that use secret values, such as locked photos, to be customizable.

  • Anonymous users can no longer customize apps.

  • Bug fixes


  • New ways to contact us:

    • You can reach the Koji team through a chat icon at the bottom right of the main Koji website and other Koji websites.

    • The Help Center is updated.

    • The support page is deprecated.

For a comprehensive list of changes and versions, see the package release notes in Github.