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Example: Add in-app purchases to a game

In this tutorial, you will add an In-Game Purchase feature to an existing game on Koji.

If you’re new to Koji, here are some tutorials that you might want to check out before continuing.


The starting point for this tutorial is the Tower Stack game, which was built on top of the Game Dev Scaffold.

Tower Stack is a hyper-casual game where the goal is to stack blocks as high as you can without missing any. Each new block swings from the top of the screen and tapping releases it. If you successfully land it on top of a previous block, you get a point. If you miss it, you lose a life.

In the original version, the game ends when the player runs out of lives. In this tutorial, you will add a feature that lets players buy more lives, if they choose to. The best part is that whoever customizes the game gets to choose how much the new lives will cost!

Here’s an example of the game that you will build in this tutorial. You can check out the finished game here.


add the in-app purchase entitlement and define a price value that can be modified when someone customizes your game.

create the Payment Menu UI component, which provides players the option to purchase more lives when they run out.

use Koji.iap from the @withkoji/core package to handle the payment logic.

modify the game’s original behavior to reflect the new flow.

give creators the ability to set the price of extra lives when they customize the game.

Getting help

If you have any questions or feedback about this tutorial, please reach out to @Marko(Svarog) and the Koji community on the Koji Discord server.